NEWS; 23.11.10 Taff – Tokio Hotel – Bill and tom Kaulitz modelling

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It looks like prison, but it is Peta. The Tokio Hotel Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz are committed to the new campaign of the animal rights group Peta, against animals performing in circus and very often, as on this photo, are put in chains. But one second please, isn’t it usal, that Peta-models are naked? Maybe next time, as long both boys are so young.

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Comment by Alison
2010-11-24 10:49:44

I LOVE this! Wow!!!!!

Comment by Winter
2010-11-24 13:11:52

holay shiet!!! (0.o) like whoa! i have like noooo words to describe but DAYUM!!! haha

Comment by verfuherisch
2010-11-24 13:44:07

O_O there in chains….!??? oh my the things id do to them…..


Comment by MAR
2010-11-24 13:49:11


Comment by MAR
2010-11-24 13:49:36

OH MEIN GOTT!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Savana
2010-11-24 14:46:40

Oh my god!!! I’m with ya!!!

Comment by Hannah_Kaulitz97
2010-11-24 15:42:14

OH MY GAWD!! *faints*

Comment by Memphis
2010-11-24 15:42:42

Mmmm chaaaains.
Brings out the beast out of me. xDD
I’m no longer vegetarian when I see them. =]]
Ooooh only think what I’d do to Bill. >:]
I’d covince him it’s better to be an omnivore.
Many tried.
I’m still a little bit of vegetarian in some of the days. xD

Comment by Rivvy
2010-11-24 18:13:17

O.O calm down memphis.


no. Actually, i must agree with you XD XD XD

Comment by Sophia
2010-11-24 18:18:30

Omg ! i 100% agrree with Bill and Tom they are 100% right
no animal should be treated that way !!
i’v been a vegetarian for 1 year and i wish to keep going
(even though doctor says its bad for me ) i still am a vegetarian most of the time (when parents dont force me to eat meat -.-) though i hate when they do that to animals ..
i loove what Tom and Bill are doing!!
this makes me love them even more

Comment by Ashley
2010-11-24 19:41:15

Haha, nice comment at the end. XD

Comment by Memphis
2010-11-25 11:11:44

@ Rivvy
I like when people finally call me on my name. xD
They all call me ‘Emma’ instead of ‘Memphis’ 😐

Oh, and…Welcome to my world! xDD

Comment by Tori
2010-11-25 11:14:50

What I would like to say it’s i’s fine to do that kind of advertisaing
But then u shouldn'(t wear leather or fur if u’re such an animal lover
Bill wears some : his trouser and even the outfit he has on the commercial
Funny huh ?

Comment by Memphis
2010-11-25 12:37:06

@ Tori
Totally right. 😉
Hands up people who agree. xD *raises a hand*

Comment by SuMone
2010-11-26 06:39:03

hands up!!!
very meaningful advertising~
love you bill~

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