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Hey hey && Welcome to my Tokio Hotel World!

This is a website about a german band called Tokio Hotel. You can find everything your fan heart is asking for here. I hope you enjoy my site and you visit it again.

Yup! This is Bill Kaulitz, and he wants to say HELLO to YOU! ^^

Members Info:


Name: Bill Kaulitz.

Date/Place of birth: 01.09.1989 / Leipzig,

Siblings: Twin Tom.

Height: Around 1,85 m.

Eyes/Hair: Brown / Black, occasionally with blonde stripes.

Piercings: Eyebrow & Tongue

Tattoos: 1. Tokio Hotel logo on his neck 2. a star on his lower right hip 3. Freiheit89 written in script on his left forearm.

Idols: Nena.

First concert: Nena.

Greatest wish: Freedom to no end and a life filled with music forever.

Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: Performing new songs I’ve just written live.

Favorite Tokio Hotel memories so far: The first time you do something is brilliant- in the studio, playing a gig, appearing on TV, first tour.

Goals for Tokio Hotel: We’re always setting new goals. as soon as we achieve one, we give ourselves another.


Name: Georg Moritz Hagen Listing.

Nickname: Hagen/Moritz.

Date/Place of birth: 31.03.1987 / Halle.

Siblings: None.

Height: Around 1,78 m.

Eyes/Hair: Grey-green/Brown.

Piercings: None.

Tattoos: None.

Idols: Flea (Red hot Chili Peppers).

First concert: Die Ärzte.

Greatest wish: To continue having fun with the boys and seeing as much of the world as possible.

Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: I love the feeling of being on stage and can’t wait to hit the road again for our European tour. Being on stage every night and meeting fans, it’s just an amazing life.


Name: Tom Kaulitz.

Nickname: “Sex God”, Tomi, Thomas.

Date/Place of birth: 01.09.1989 / Leipzig.

Siblings: Twin Bill.

Height: Around 1,85 m.

Eyes/Hair: Brown / Dirty blonde.

Piercings: Left bottom lip.

Idols: I never had any idols.

First concert: Samy Deluxe.

Greatest wish: A meeting with the Olsen twins or Angelina Jolie.

Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: Performing.


Name: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer.

Nickname: Juschtel.

Date/Place of birth: 08.09.1988 / Magdeburg.

Siblings: Older sister.

Height: Around 1,70 m.

Eyes/Hair: Brown / Dark blonde.

Tattoos: 1. Wings on his back 2. Shooting stars on his right forearm.

Idols: Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

First concert: Festival with Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart and more.

Greatest wish: Food for all!

Favorite part of Tokio Hotel: Playing live.



Bill’s style variates, after his mood. He has often stated, that he does what he wants. Both concerning clothes, hair and make-up. He often says, that he find most of his clothes in second-hand shops. That might be true – if it was Tokio Hotel anno 2006. In 2007 Bill started wearing famous brands, expensive jewellery, and even his hair got bigger. He does sometimes, combine those things, with secondhand clothes. Some of his favourite brands are:
GoldMarie, Diesel, Tazuma, Dior, BOSS, Adidas, Fallen, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Faith Connexion, Vans, D&G, Volcom and many many more…


Tom has never kept it a secret, that he ONLY wears brands. And not the cheap ones. He normally uses 2-3 t-shirts at the same time, big baggy pants, a hoodie with a zipper, sneakers, a headband, and a cap. Almost all the time, he is asked the question, why a guy with hip-hop style, is playing in a rock band. To that Tom simply answers, he wears what he likes, and he does what he likes (meaning, he plays the kind of music he likes). His caps could have their own sections here at TokioHotelRocks. He almost NEVER takes them off, and he owns like, a billion. He usually uses american baseball team caps. Some of Tom’s favourite brands:
Karl Kani, Miskeen, Joker, Ecko, Vokal, Southpole, ENYCE.


Georg’s style, is a little “rock’n’roll”. He uses tight jeans, with a tight t-shirt, and some wristbands, and occasionally necklaces. He is very loyal to certain brands, and some of them are:
Vans, Sisters of Mercy, Affliction, Fallen, Volcom.


Gustav is what everyone calls a normal boy. Sometimes his style can be reaaaally boring. However, if you look close enough, you will discover, that he actually wears expensive brands, and actually gets new clothes all the time. It is the way he wears it, that makes it boring. Always a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, jacket/sweater, sneakers and a cap. Some of his favourite brands are:
Volcom, Affliction, Fallen, Element, Emerica.