Biography Bill Kaulitz

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Biography Bill Kaulitz

-Allergic of apples
-Doesn’t like chocolate
-Uses 30 min to get ready in the mornings
-Was only 5 years old when he took part in a movie.
-Allergic of mosquito/wasps
-Has divorced parents
-Says that he doesnt smoke, even though he has been caught while smoking with his friends on a resturant.
-Born 10 minutes after his twin brother, Tom
-Has a dog called “Scotty”, and a cute cat called “Kasimir”
-Was only 7 years old when he started writing his own songs.
-Was really good at school, he got 1.9 in average. ( 1 is best, og 6 is the worse).
-He hates sports
-Says that he’s a very sensitive person (emo?)
-Has been single since 2, 1/2 years now, and hasnt kissed any girls since that.
-Has the voice of “Arthur” in the animation movie “Arthur and the Minimoys” which came out 25.january 2007.
-Wants to fall in love again.
-Doesnt sees any impossibility falling in love with a fan, because then she could understand him better, and that he has to spend a lot of time with the band.

Bill about his dream girl 🙂

Height: 10 cm lower than me, I don’t like the girls who’s higher than me.
Haircolour: dark hair, brown or black.
Style: Whatever,doesn’t really matter, but she has to have the style which suits her really much, and I think it should be manifoldly.
Character: Uncontrollable!
Most important for her: true love
Boobs: Doesn’t really matter.
Arms: soft as the babies 🙂
Body: Not too skinny, and not too heavy.
Music she listens to has to be: not important.
Where she lives: Not in German!!, it’t most better for me if she doesnt live here.
Fan or not: Hmmm, I don’t know, the most important thing is that she loves me,and not my money 🙂

Other facts:

Birth Name
Bill Kaulitz-Trümper

6′ 2″ (1.88 m)

Bilingual: German, English and French.
His parents divorced when he and his brother were 7 years old.
His step-father owns a music school called, “Rock’s cool”.
Favorite musicians are Nena, Green Day, Coldplay, Keane and Placebo.
Likes Gothic fashion.
Translated all his German songs to English for his band’s English album.
His mother is a freelance tailor.
He is 10 minutes younger than twin brother, Tom Kaulitz.
He and his brother, Tom, do not have middle names.
Enjoys peppermint tea.
His first concert he ever attended was Nena.
Favourite food is Pasta.
Is best friends with his twin brother.
Had to undergo surgery to remove the cyst in one of his vocal chords. (March 2008).
One of his favorite television programs is Prison Break.
His good friend is Andreas, who is also the president of Tokio Hotel’s fan club.


Still want to know more?
Here you go!
This loves…Bill Kaulitz-Trümper
You can love him, you can hate him. It depends only at you if you like this boy or not! You can read here what is in his heart in order to be informed 😉
Tom Kaulitz
From all people on the world, the closest person for him is his twin, ten minutes older brother Tom.

Black color
Between his favorite colors belongs orange and red. But he loves black the most. He is naturally ?dark blond? but like a blond-man we deffinitely can?t imagine him!

Nena, The Rasmus, Green Day, Coldplay, Keane, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, Pink…

Piercing and tattoo
He has piercing in the left eyebrow and tongue and from tattoos he has logo of Tokio Hotel on the neck and star on his belly.

Pizza and pastas ? Bill can eat this whole day. But he has also weakness for hamburgers and chips! He has always Big Mac and vanilla shake in McDonald. He has luck that we can?t see on him this passion.

Together with his famous star ? german singer Nena ? he was for a long time in studiu and did dabing into the animated movie Arthur and the Minimoys.

Sea and beachs
My dreamed holiday? Sun, palms and sea! The best would be enjoy this and live in little house on the beach.

Ice Tea
Bill loves in this moment ice tea. He is annoyed of energy drinks.

His favorite animal is monkey.

Rock Style
Leather jacket, tight jeans a T-shirts with rocks motives. You can see Bill in this style a lot.

Olsen’s Twins
His secret wish is to meet another famous twins ? Olsen?s twins. They are for him really cool and sweet.

Child’s dreams
Like a child he wanted to be a witch or singer. Bad people also says that thanks to Tokio Hotel he has both.

True love
When you will ask Bill on what he really believes, he will answer really romantically… ?On true love!?

Chamomile tea
Brr, you probably say. But for Bill is this tea really important part of his life. It helps him on his vocal chords.

He loves apples! But not for eating, because he has allergy on them just like on wasps.. But he loves notebooks from Apple and everything else like for example: IPhone, IPod etc. Thanks to iBook he can read e-mails from his fans and listen to music on long ways. 

Biography Bill Kaulitz

Bill Facts – Did you know that…

…Bill sometimes forget to brush his teeth at night?
…Bill is afraid that he and Tom will get in a big fight and never speak to each other again?
…the mark on Bills hairspray is “Kyrell”?
…Bills favorite eyeliner is Maybeline?
…Bill whistles when he’s in the shower?
…Bill is allergic too apples and mosquito bites?
…his favorite color is orange?
…he hate his feets?
…he hates crying fans?
…Bill would sleep untill 6 pm if he could?
…Bill got his fist kiss when he was 9 years old
…he is right-handed?
…he don’t wear makeup when he’s at home, and alone?
…Bill is very superstitious?
…Bill allways has a teddy bear with him to th’s concerts?
…he hates potatoes and broccoli, and once he eat a whole plate of broccoli and threw up afterwards?
…he hates when girls bites their nails, but when he’s nervous he does it himself?
…he is afraid of insects, and expecially spiders?
…during the Echo Awards 2007 Bill got stopped when he wanted to go to the men’s room, because the watchman thought he was a girl?
…Bill only sleeps in his underpants?
…When he make up a song he sings it to Tom, so he can play it for him?
…Bill doesen’t wan’t to sing before 8 am, because he think that his voice has not woke up yet.
…He don’t like liars and unreliable people?
…He want one more tatoo, there’s placed below the one he has on his hip?
…If somebody tells him that some of his fans is sick, he can think about it for days?
…He and Tom shared their room when they were younger?
…When he was 6 years old he had to look after a rabit, but it ran away?
…He listens to “White Flag” when he has to write songs?
…Bill is more close to Tom, than his mother (Simone)?
…When he was a little boy, he wanted to be a wizard?
…he think that it’s strenuous to reach the high notes?
…he has a T-mobile Sidekick II ?
…He don’t wan’t his girlfriend to be taller than himself?
…Bill loves the yellow “Maoam’s” ?
…Once he spended 17.000€ in a Diesel store, in 30 minutes?
…He’s afraid of seaweed?
…He loves girls that screams to concerts?
…His granny call him “Macky”?
…He feel’s guitly when he had one-night-stands?
…Bill likes to sew?
…He had stragefright before?
…He don’t like when fans dress like him?
…He spends his money very fast?
…He don’t do his own laundry ?
…He don’t wan’t to get maried – ever ?
…He thinks that he and Tom are bad to break up with girls?
…At McDonal’s he allways order a Big Mac, 6 nuggets and a vanlilla milkshake?
…His favorite animal is a monkey?
…He think that Georg and Tom talks vulgar?
…He rather want’s a girl with a good ass, than a girl with big breasts?
…He knows how to play keyboard?