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PICS; Bobital Festival 07 tokio hotel

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel’s first concert ever!

Post by Thankies Celine Tokio Hotel first Concert live “Jung und nicht mehr Jugendfrei” “Freunde bleiben” A part of “Durch den Monsun”  

PHOTO; Mini Tokio Hotel

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PICS; Old cute tokio hotel pictures!

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PICS; Tokio Hotel photoshoot – close-up

Post by OMG look at their hands =/  

PICS; Devilish pictures

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Video; Devilish LIVE!!!!

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PHOTO; Bill Kaulitz

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Mini Bill & Tom ^^

The brother and second halves! (must READ!!!)

The brother and second halves. While the Bill refers to a type of shyness, when replying to the questions very noisy funny-man Tom, loves to be in the center of attention and laugh at all. But when it comes to his relationship with his twin brother, Tom is always very serious. “I can not live […]