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NEW PICS; Bill and Tom at the Puro Lounge (Berlin) at Beyoncé’s party

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PICS; Tokio Hotel fan party pictures

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NEWS; Tokio Hotel TV Fanparty – Exclusive Episode!

Post by LATEST LATEST!!! A very special and exclusive episode from the Tokio Hotel fan party is coming up on the new Tokio Hotel TV really soon!! “Tokio Hotel is back with a special episode with the funniest moments from the TH-VMA-Fanparty. Enjoy watching Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg celebrating, Gustav’s amazing table dance and […]

PICS; Bill and Tom Kaulitz – Fan Party

Post by Pictures of Bill and tom kaulitz from the tokio hotel fan party – good quality.

Sorted videos from the tokio hotel fan party

Post by Click below to watch; *fans dancing disco *Bill speaking *smoke *VIP lounge – Tom, Bill & ice *VIP lounge – Bill having fun with Georg and ice *VIP lounge – ice in Bill’s boot *Bill talking with Dunja & Tom *VIP lounge – camera filming Schrei *VIP lounge – Bill sitting, waving […]

PHOTO’s; Tokio Hotel fan party pictures

Post by So well yeah..what is bill doing here haha?

INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel – Breit Side Of Life

Post by As requested – translation from the BreitSide interview with Tokio Hotel. Interview1: Welcome to the breitside of life. You all know about the VIVA adventscalender and we need a few very special items to add to that. Of course not just from anybody but from Tokio Hotel. Bill: Very good. Tom: The […]

More tokio hotel fan party pictures – hamburg 30.11.08

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PICS; Pictures from the Tokio hotel fan party

Post by yesh,yesh more cute pictures from the tokio hotel fan party – enjoy!            

GOSSIP; Watch Gustav’s Dance!!

Post by Haha this is so funny! Watch Gustav’s dance from the tokio hotel fan party, and tell us what u think. It’s really cute. 😀