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VIDEO; RTL Exclusive – Tokio Hotel at EMA (06.11.2009)

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VIDEO; 100% tokio hotel documentary part 1 and part 2

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VIDEO; TOkio Hotel tv – Episode 7 – Hairstyle Inspiration & Cooking Skills

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VIDEO; tokio hotel – wetten dass

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel MTV Home (02.10.09)

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VIDEO; TOkio Hotel at Viva Live (02.10.09)

Post by Translation Part 1: Collien: Yeah, they’re just coming in, so maybe you’ll get the chance to pose your question yourself, if I’m nice. Here they are: Tokio Hotel! Welcome! Wait a sec. I have something for you: Ge: I have to… ?! C: You have to draw lots. There’s a funny activity […]

VIDEO; Tokio hotel – message thingy

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VIDEO; Tokio Hotel Interview Actustar – 28.09.09.

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NEWS; Tom – “I have more Sex in my Voice than Bill”

Post by Tokio Hotel Exclusive: Tom Kaulitz Says, ‘I Have More Sex In My Voice’ Than Bill! Speaking from the Los Angeles studio where they recorded the Scream follow-up, lead singer Bill Kaulitz discusses having to sing in German and English. “They have to do this super complicated thing: change the session … from […]

INTERVIEW; Tokio Hotel

Post by Finally the whole kenza interview