NEW PICS; Gustav and Georg Photoshoot MTV – Tokio Hotel pictures

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NEWS; New exclusive Tokio Hotel H&M Interview – With translation

Post by Check out this brand new interview with Tokio Hotel/H&M Fashion Against Aids – With Translation below; Why is it important for you to be a part of the FAA? Bill: Um, I think for us it just was something… we heard of it, and for us as a band it’s of course […]

Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 Videos

Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – in die nacht Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – the end, water & towels Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – by your side Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – Black Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – black Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – rescue me

Tokio Hotel Blender photoshoot

More of the ROCKMAG special edition PdP: the big day!

THE BIG DAY! After a turbulent night, because no less thean 50 people have been transported to the infirmary, the sun rises, announcing a beautiful summer day. And all the Tokio Hotel fans know it: tonight is the big night! 9:09 There is 24 groups of about 40 fans in between the barriers. They all […]

Tokio Hotel Barcelona [27.06.08]

Tokio Hotel – German Airport pics [26. 06. 08]

Tokio Hotel Meet&Great Barcelona [27.6.08]


BACKSTAGE Open-air [2006]

Georg =)