VIDEO; Tokio Hotel EMA thingy – English and German

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NEWS; New exclusive Tokio Hotel H&M Interview – With translation

Post by Check out this brand new interview with Tokio Hotel/H&M Fashion Against Aids – With Translation below; Why is it important for you to be a part of the FAA? Bill: Um, I think for us it just was something… we heard of it, and for us as a band it’s of course […]


(oki so yeah..not so good translation..but im sure you’ll understand ^^) This evening, American fans had the opportunity to chat with the guys in the chat. We have translated for you the full interview.. Monsterbash101: What would each of you did, if each of you has received sverhsilu and could rule the world? Bill: wow, […]

Tokio Hotel “interview” 2008 – In

Tokyo hotel: “At school and dress well” M.M.. 29.06.2008 – 13:41 pm Tokio hotel: “At school and dress well” # The Germans played yesterday at Rock in Rio before thousands of fans. # talked with them two hours before the ‘backstage’. # Bill ensures that is recovered from his throat operation. In nearby are […]

[Belgium]: Interview with Tom Kaulitz (sorry for bad translation)

In the new issue of the journal Joepie (Belgium) printed an interview with Tom Kaulitts. Tom talked about his love for holidays, about revenge and the luxury of living rock star. Tokio Hotel experienced a tense time: behind the tours of Europe and the U.S. conquest. It is summer… and of course the boys will […]