NEWS; Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz had an CAR ACCIDENT!

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NEW PICS; Gustav and Georg Photoshoot MTV – Tokio Hotel pictures

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PICS; tokio hotel pictures from Köln (27.08.2009)

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PICS; Tokio Hotel at Milk show (NRJ Radio)

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PHOTO; Gustavs new tatto

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EXCLUSIVE; NEW tokio hotel photoshoot – Calendar 2010

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PICS; New tokio hotel pictures Nokia Concert, Tokio Hotel Signing Session

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NEWS; Listen to Automatisch by Tokio Hotel – from Cherrytree Radio

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NEWS; Check Out Tokio Hotel’s Exclusive new single – Automatic!

Post by Tokio Hotel’s ‘Automatic’: Check Out Exclusive Clip And Photo! They argued about it, wrote it in less than two hours and are shooting a video for it in South Africa — but so far, there’s very little Tokio Hotel have revealed about “Automatic,” the first single from their hotly anticipated Humanoid album, […]