PICS; tokio hotel pictures from Köln (27.08.2009)

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The voice of Bill in the PDP

BILL’S VOICE IN THE PDP; Paris: 30,000 fans, the voice work. Tokyo-Bill adopts the “test of cry.” By Norbert Koch-Klaucke; published: Berliner Kurier 26.06.2008 Bill Kaulitz (18) shouts with all his soul again. But fans need not be afraid anymore by the singer TH, who had almost lost his voice in March. The throat Bill […]

Inside the Parc des Princes…

Tokio Hotel has weighed their scaled very seriously. It was a true spinning entertainment. No voice tests, but they did test the instruments starting at 12:46. Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg did rehearsals under the sun this 21st of June, with 31° , nonstop, with Bill as conductor, who gave firm and professional instructions to […]

More of the ROCKMAG special edition PdP: the big day!

THE BIG DAY! After a turbulent night, because no less thean 50 people have been transported to the infirmary, the sun rises, announcing a beautiful summer day. And all the Tokio Hotel fans know it: tonight is the big night! 9:09 There is 24 groups of about 40 fans in between the barriers. They all […]

Second page of the special ROCKMAG PDP edition

Monday 16 Already several fans are wandering around the Parc des Princes this Monday. They are trying to make contact with other fans. Charlotte is the first to arrive. She knows already that she will live special moments next Saturday and she’s moves a little away. Silent at the moment, this place will become an […]

First page of the special ROCKMAG Tokio Hotel PDP edition

  Ever since the the announcement of the Parc des Princes concert on the 24th of December, many events have occurred and provoked a suspense, worthy of being a film scenario: changing of dates, canceled tour, hospitalization, curse of Friday 13…24 of December, 2007 NRJ announces that Tokio Hotel will have their very first concert […]

Tokio Hotel and money

Led by the Kaulitz twins, Tokio Hotel brings great success, thanks to their fabulous “war treasure chest.” Tokio Hotel has now become an industry (it must be said, even if the boys don’t intend it to be one) whose very young musicians Bill, Tom, Georg, and Gustav, are just the tip of the iceberg. But […]

Loka Magazine

Bill compares with a dog …. ‘¬ ¬

THR Daily:

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