Huh..whats happening here? D;

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Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 Bar in Madrid

Awesome! Wanna visit the bar? But still you can’t…. ? Wanna see it? Inside? Yeah, inside! Okay, here you go 😉

Tokio Hotel NEWS!

Germen emo Band Tokio Hotel has a lot in common with this months cover artists, the Jonas brothers. Like the Jonases, Tokio Hotel also includes siblings – vocalist Bill Kaulitz and twin brother Tom Kaulitz are joined by bass player Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schafer, and they started as young teens fall are currently […]

Tokio Hotel – Thanks giving !

Tokio_Hotel_and_Seventeen by Evule

Bill Kaulitz – Kill Bill

This is soo freaky xD !

Bill Kaulitz – Billie Boy

Click image to view original size. Drawing made by: Unknown Edited by:

How to become Bill or Tom’s girlfriend…

Tokio Hotel-Haters Get Slaps!!

All Tokio Hotel – Haters get slaps! Bill and tom did a interview about the so called TH-Haters. Bill: If someone says Tokio Hotel is something bad, we wont mind,and I can live with that. But if we hear something about that they touch our fans we can get really angry. Tom: Yeah!, they can […]

Bill Kaulitz – Isn’t Bill’s English Sweet?

What a bjoetifoll wethaa nice nice nice , LOLLL