TH’s Popularity: Some Real Live Germans Weigh In

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Do you wanna find out more about Tokio Hotel’s 3rd below (This is the translation of the famous article in “Rock Magazine” where they talk about Tokio Hotel’s return to the States after summer, and their album release. – If you live in the UK, please don’t pull your hair out, while reading this.) […]

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WHAT THE FANS HAVE PREPARED The Parc des Princes concert (in Paris) will be filmed for a future DVD and a TV broadcast. The fans themselves are organizing their welcome for the boys, who will be staying at the hotel, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. It will be difficult for the more fierce fans to squat […]

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The 18-year-old Kaulitz brothers comprise half of Tokio Hotel, a German glam-pop quartet that is creating Beatles-like hysteria among the teen set in their native land. They’ve sold close to 3 million CDs and DVDs in their native country, and are hoping to replicate that rabid fan base in the United States. “They’re the stepping […]

RU: Bravo 21/08

Tokio Hotel bigger than Rammstein

Tokio Hotel bigger than Rammstein  Just unbelievable, what kind of movement our hottest music export makes in America.The success story if the Kaulitzers sound like the beginning of a book. Now they are playing small gigs in sold out clubs like the Fillmore in New York, where also Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa […]

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Tokio Hotel wants to conquer America      13th of May 2008 Frank Briegmann is used to experiencing the biggest music stars in the world. And yet, there still are very special performances for the German boss of the Universal Music Group. The Magdeburger teen band Tokio Hotel, the best horse in the stable of […]

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Germen emo Band Tokio Hotel has a lot in common with this months cover artists, the Jonas brothers. Like the Jonases, Tokio Hotel also includes siblings – vocalist Bill Kaulitz and twin brother Tom Kaulitz are joined by bass player Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schafer, and they started as young teens fall are currently […]