NEWS; Tokio Hotel TV – What they have in store for us =)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL UND TOM!!! – 1 september 1989, two young rock stars were born!

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-days journey around the sun. – Enjoy the trip Bill and Tom 🙂 1.september 1989 two sweet rockstars were born. Exactly today 19 years ago,two sweet,shemxy,hot cute little twin babies beheld the world. Their parents gave them some wonderful names Bill and Tom! No one would […]


& YOUR CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS PLUS MEET THE BAND!!! The vid might take a while before it uplouds… YES, IT´S TRUE!!! After thousands of fans asked for more Tokio Hotel tour dates in the U.S. the band has now confirmed an all new North America Tour for August 2008. Check the list below to […]

Tokio Hotel Animations

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Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 32]: Hot Topics at Hot Topic

Watch,Freak Out,Repeat!

Tokio Hotel – 22.06.08 At the hotel Paris


MTV????!!!! – Apology To Tokio Hotel Fans

I don’t know what you guys thought about this…but I found it even more offensive than the lame-shit article the girl wrote. (Excuse my language…) Full of sarcasm, I find this “apology” worse than anything MTV could have ever done. I “thought” MTV was composed of professionals who knew what they were doing, but just seeing […]

TOKIO HOTEL 21.06.08 Parc des Princes


Tokio Hotel Tourdates

Tourdates August 9th, 2008 Montreal, Canada @ Festival des Mongolfières 

Tokio Hotel