NEW PICS; Gustav and Georg Photoshoot MTV – Tokio Hotel pictures

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Tokio Hotel TOC in the open air for more than 30,000 FANS

Saturday night in Paris. At 20.30horas Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav Tokyo hotel on stage accompanied by fireworks in “Parc des Princes.” The nearly 30,000 spectators, most girls are totally shouting and screaming for example in German: “Bill, I want a child of yours.” has exclusive pictures and material in the exclusive great show. […]

THR Daily:

Okay guys, lotzzzzz ov FRESH updates today! And as you can see, a lot of pictures from the Parc Des Princes Concert in Paris has been uplouded.. And also, concerning pictures; I haven’t seen ANY photos taken by professionals at the Parc des Princes concert. Have you? (So anyway, that’s the reason why there haven’t been […]

Tokio Hotel Rocks – New Logo xD