VIDEO; Video of tom kaulitz new Audi R8!

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RUMOR: Tom Kaulitz has Herpes!

Post by Is Tom Kaulitz suffering from Herpes? Is Tom Kaulitz hiding his true identity from us? I wonder if those who make gossip was on vacation or something? Well heres FINALLY some  really interresting gossip. According to a certain reader (named Taylor F), we have got to know that Tom Kaulitz is suffering from […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL UND TOM!!! – 1 september 1989, two young rock stars were born!

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-days journey around the sun. – Enjoy the trip Bill and Tom 🙂 1.september 1989 two sweet rockstars were born. Exactly today 19 years ago,two sweet,shemxy,hot cute little twin babies beheld the world. Their parents gave them some wonderful names Bill and Tom! No one would […]

Tom Kaulitz

[Belgium]: Interview with Tom Kaulitz (sorry for bad translation)

In the new issue of the journal Joepie (Belgium) printed an interview with Tom Kaulitts. Tom talked about his love for holidays, about revenge and the luxury of living rock star. Tokio Hotel experienced a tense time: behind the tours of Europe and the U.S. conquest. It is summer… and of course the boys will […]

Tom Kaulitz with SHORT hair!!! wohoo it looks good good^^

Tom Kaulitz – WOWIE PIC!

Huh..whats happening here? D;

YES MORE!!!! Tokio Hotel MSN Avatars!

Tokio Hotel’s song was in Prom Night

Tokio Hotel’s song By your side was in the movie “Prom Night” Dave Roth (II) Song (“By Your Side”) Rebecca Roth Song (“By Your Side”) David Jost Song (“By Your Side”) Patrick Benzner Song (“By Your Side”) Bill Kaulitz Song (“By Your Side”) Tokio Hotel Song Performer (“By Your Side”) source: also saw it […]