NEW PICS; Gustav and Georg Photoshoot MTV – Tokio Hotel pictures

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REMINDER; Don’t forget to read the Tom Kaulitz blog!

Post by From the Tom Kaulitz blog;   03.07.2009 May I introduce: The real star of my announcement video, back when he was a little baby 🙂   04.07.2009 Guten morgen! While I’m having breakfast you can already have a look at the first backstage pics from our covershoot. Can’t tell you too much […]

GOSSIP; Chantelle talking and Tom Kaulitz – View the Chat!

Post by Click on the image below to enlarge the screenshot of the chat with Chantelle:   Chantelle about Tom Kaulitz while chatting; “It’s not a publicity stunt… I was happy cause there was no one out where we were and Tom was able to just have fun, but apparently there was someone soooooo :/” […]

GOSSIP; Tom Kaulitz and Chantelle? No, no – not so fast!

Post by Tom & Chantelle? Not so fast! “Deep stares – another drink! The hand on the knee – another drink! Up to the hotel – another drink?” In this last week the Bild newspaper postet two articles about a supposed flirt between Tokio Hotel Guitarist Tom Kaulitz and Chantelle Paige, the new blonde […]

NEWS; New exclusive Tokio Hotel H&M Interview – With translation

Post by Check out this brand new interview with Tokio Hotel/H&M Fashion Against Aids – With Translation below; Why is it important for you to be a part of the FAA? Bill: Um, I think for us it just was something… we heard of it, and for us as a band it’s of course […]

NEW PHOTOS!!!!!! New bill and tom H&M photosoot pictures

Post by Bill and Tom Kaulitz – H&M Photoshoot!

PICS; Bill and Tom Kaulitz’s new apartment in Hamburg?

Post by Don’t ask me if its true or not, I have no idea 😐 Some fans claims that this is their new house in Hamburg, if it is true  or not .. its up to you to decide. Update More pictures here if anyone not seen this before: Berlin Appartment  (Post from April 28th, […]

NEWS; Bill and Tom Kaulitz wins Education Awards!

Post by LATEST! LATEST! Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel wins the Education Award! Hamburg (ots) – Famous award winners at this study DistancE-Learning 2009: Tom and Bill Kaulitz in addition to seven other prominent distance-learning graduates excellent. The study DistancE will be learning this year already 24sten time distance-graduates and graduates forgiven […]

Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 Videos

Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – in die nacht Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – the end, water & towels Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – by your side Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – Black Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – black Tokio Hotel – Barcelona 27/06/08 – rescue me

Tokio Hotel Blender photoshoot